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Welcome to Indian Jewellery Store UK, your ultimate destination for exquisite Asian Indian jewellery & Indian bridal jewellery. With a passion for beauty and tradition, we design an extensive collection that combines the richness of Indian heritage with contemporary elegance.

Our online store is the largest hub for Indian jewelry in the UK, offering a diverse range from traditional bridal sets to modern designer pieces delivered to the UK, USA & worldwide. We take pride in bringing you the finest craftsmanship, showcasing the artistry of Indian jewelry makers.

As trendsetters, we draw inspiration from Bollywood and Mumbai's catwalks, constantly updating our range to reflect the latest ethnic jewelry trends. In 2024, we're expanding our Asian Bridal and KHAZANA ranges, introducing lavish designer costume jewelry throughout the seasons.

At Indian Jewellery Store, we understand the significance of adorning yourself with timeless pieces. Our collection caters to various occasions, ensuring you find the perfect jewels for every celebration. From weddings to festivals, our jewelry sets are a reflection of grace and sophistication.

Why choose our Indian Jewellery ? We prioritize your convenience, offering a seamless online shopping experience. Based in London, our UK warehouse dispatches our treasures worldwide, with easy-to-understand flat overseas shipping rates. We ensure that your items arrive securely and in perfect condition.

Explore our jewellery categories, ranging from regular and premium quality to our finest KHAZANA collection. Each piece is carefully chosen to meet your unique preferences and budget, ensuring you find jewelry that suits your style. We clearly label every product with a RANGE label to assist our customers in differentiating between each price or quality level. So we advise you take note of these jewellery labels on every product to help you shop (in order of increasing price and craftsmanship):


Join us on this enchanting journey through the world of Indian jewelry. Embrace the allure of tradition, celebrate your individuality, and make Indian Jewellery Store UK your go-to destination for all your jewelry needs.

Over the past years we have grown from a small UK-based business to one of, if not the largest, Indian Jewellery websites delivering to the UK, USA and worldwide. We could not have achieved this extreme growth and success without the continual support of our loyal customers. Thank you for choosing us as your premier source for beautiful Indian jewelry online. We look forward to being part of your special moments.

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