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Here is our guide on how to choose the bridal jewellery which is right for YOU.



A wedding is a very important event and today's brides are under increasing pressure to look "just perfect". An Indian bride's jewellery is a critical part of her overall look and can enhance or dull a bride's appearance (as her outfit & hair-mendhi-makeup); so this element requires much thought and attention.

First, receive your bridal lengha / outfit. We have met many brides who have given very specific instructions to tailors but these have sadly not been followed e.g. a dear relative requested antique embroidery but was given gold. Such differences can mean that the jewellery you thought would match is then useless. So please only buy your jewellery after receiving your bridal wear thus ensuring a perfect match.

Have the right bridal top. If you would like to wear very big jewellery we recommend that you have your bridal top made with a wider or deeper neckline so that your jewellery sits well on you. Also if you want to wear a rani haar, think about where it will sit and go for less embroidery in this area (usually around the bust).

Decide what you want. Sit down and make a list of what you want from your jewellery. Things to think about:

  1. Big Vs small jewellery
  2. What do you want set to include? In particular, do you want a rani haar / nath / hath panjas / jhoomer / matha patti / baju band/ hair chotli / pyaal / wedding chura.
  3. Colour
  4. Price, honestly decide what your maximum budget is, and stick to it!
  5. Consider different stone types. Different stone types look their best in different setting & time of day. Also if you have different stone types for various events this instantly gives variety in your looks at each of your wedding & pre-wedding ceremonies.
    Our bridal recommendations are:

    Registry - Fine American Diamonds. Fine American Dimonds come in Western styles (like swarovski jewllery) and shine like real diamonds making American Diamonds the perfect & a sophisticated choice for registry wear.
    Otherwise: crystal, but only due to it's modern styling. Crystal is our LOW second choice as it is no where near as sophisticated as American Diamonds. Most know the difference between the flattering sparkle of diamonds verses the excessive shine of swarovski in the day. Also swarovski looks like artificial jewellery. Whereas, American diamonds give the look of a society bride wearing diamonds.
    Wedding ceremonies: Kundan, large American diamonds, Polki (Not crystal as it looks too artificial in daylight & draws too much attention from the brides face in the day due to maximum light exposure making the jewellery shine in an overpowering fashion)
    Evening reception: Crystal. Crystal is our favourite here as it shines the most making it best for evening receptions with low/no lighting. Otherwise: American Diamonds, then Kundan. (Polki is not recommended for evening receptions as it does not have enough shine at night for the bride to wear)
    Pre-wedding ceremonies: Anything goes! Fine American Diamonds, American Diamonds, Crystal, Polki, Kudan or other.
Consider the jewellery you are wearing in other wedding & pre-wedding events.
Most brides want their wedding ceremony look to be their highlight, so ensure that your wedding jewellery is different to what you wear on your other wedding events.
Ways to vary your jewellery at your wedding events:
  1. Headpieces: vary your headpieces between jhumar, Pakeezah jhumar, matha-patti, tikka, nothing. E.g. If you are wearing a jhumar at your wedding ceremony, consider wearing a matha-patti on your medhi.
  2. On a pre-wedding event consider wearing just earrings & a headpiece, as you are the bride do go for quality to set you able all but as your buying less your budget can be used to opt for better quality items! E.g. just big earrings and a tikka OR earrings and matha patti (this is really nice, as only the bride wears a matha-patti but by wearing only with earrings gives the matha patti a modern twist and looks great for a pre-wedding ceremony!)
  3. Size, Quality, Colour... of course.
Tell your chosen retailer what you want. All reputable retailers will want to sell you what you want instead of pushing sets onto you. Tell the retailer what you want and if they are not interested, consider going elsewhere! It is not always possible to get what you want, but at the very least you deserve to be served by someone who will at least try.

Be open to suggestions. I know I said to decide what you want, but be aware that good retailers know about the latest fashions.

Purchase the set of your dreams. Having done the above we hope this leads you to buy the perfect set for you.
Miscellaneous bridal ideas & notes:


  • Bride's Maid's: most brides put all their bride's maids in a colour of their choice, you can add to this by giving them a special jewellery theme:
    They all wear the same set in different colours
    * All bride's maids wear a special jewellery item - for 2019 Matha pattis  & Jhumars dominated brides maids jewellery coordination, especially pearl varieties. Otherwise, consider Saree belts or Big Cocktail rings or Brooches on the back of lengha/saree blouse?
    You could even gift the bride's maid's special jewellery to them as a thank you. We can custom-make most of our items in your desired colours/mix of colours to complement your theme.
  • Love your jewels - Avoid contact with water, makeup & perfume! So make a note to put your perfume on before jewellery. Then after the wedding, gently rub off any makeup/oils that have attached to your costume jewellery to give it maximum life. Best storage for longevity is a padded plastic food box, as it is air tight. The box can be bought for as little as 99p, if you really want to do the best for your jewellery splash out on acid-free padding/tissue to line the box & individually wrap your jewellery. Ideally you should put your bridal dress in acid-free tissue also.
Written by Jaz, Indian Jewellery Store