Asian Indian bridal accessories for you to team with existing bridal jewellery: nath, matha patti, jhoomer, hath panjas and more.
Large nose ring worn by brides.
Worn by Hindhu brides to symbolise marriage, the Hindhu female equivalent of a wedding ring
Traditionally worn by Sikh grooms and Indian/Mughal Kings. Now wairn by all due to current traditional/royal jewellery fashion.
Hair ornament traditionally worn by Pakistani brides
Hair jewellery, traditionally worn by South-Indian brides comprising a tikka and chains draping over the hair & along the hair line. Matha pattis are now very much in fashion and worn by any Indian bride or Pakistni bride.
Indian jewellery for the hair, owrn ontop of a long plait. Popularised by the Bollywood film Jodha Akbar & remains very mych in fashion in India.
Hint: wear a fake hair plait piece to achieve the desired look.
Indian bangles originally worn by by Punjabi brides, now worn by others. Bridal churas were first made from ivory, now imitation ivory is used obviously.
Decorated domes, to mimic coconut halves, which are hung from the wrists of Sikh brides. The brides uncle will put these on her in one of Indian pre-wedding ceremonies.
Indian bridal jewellery for the hands. A bracelet & ring joined by a decorated ring. Worn by the bride in pairs - 1 on each hand. Guests will usually wear 1 panja.
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